Copeland IHP & Scroll Condensing Unit


Condensing Units for light commercial applications like display counters, small cold rooms and catering appliance. Available for use with refrigerant R134a, R404A, R407c, and R290, in Danfoss and Emerson.

Reliability and low energy costs are a crucial requirement in the industrial and foodservice industry. With the proven reliability and efficiency of Emerson Hermetic compressors / Copeland Scroll compressors / Danfoss Compressors, these requirements can be met.

Emerson Condensing Units provide the highest value in its category.  It applies the hermetic compressor technology to provide value to customers for medium and low temperature refrigeration applications. The Emerson condensing units are equipped with controllers that provide real-time monitoring of compressor operating conditions and initiates actions to keep the compressor within the safe zone. The condensing units are designed to operate at a very wide outdoor ambient condition of from -25°C to +48°C.

Copeland Scroll ZX series condensing units are compact and stylish. Its quiet, outdoor-type chassis makes it an ideal choice for urban small retail applications.

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