Emerson Climate Technologies offers the ZX platform refrigeration condensing units (CDU) specifically designed for medium temperature (MT), digital modulated variable capacity medium temperature (MT) and low temperature (LT) refrigeration. Emerson’s CDU range comes with unique features and applies its advanced and patented scroll technologies that redefine the standards of efficiency and reliability for this category of products.

ZX series CDU has been highly successful in the Asian market and enjoys proven success with its energy savings and customer-friendly electronic features. ZX CDU’s have been applied by several well known end-users and chain retailers throughout Asia.

The ZX range of MT CDUs benefits from patented scroll suction injection technology. This allows the scroll compressor to provide a superior MT envelope.  ZXD range of Digital modulated MT CDUs benefit from the patented Digital scroll technology. This allows a simple and very reliable variable capacity system at MT envelope.  ZX LT CDU applies vapor injection technology. This allows an economizer cycle on scroll compressors. Vapor injection significantly improves the LT operational efficiency and extends the LT envelope.

Emerson Climate Technologies continues to focus on the ZX CDU platform to develop discernibly superior solutions for the demanding refrigeration market. We, at National Engineers, are pleased to offer the entire range of these condensing units along with all technical support and assistance in installation.


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