Refrigerant Gases

We are a dealer for various kinds of Refrigerant Gases, which are used in cooling systems and refrigeration systems for cooling Applications. Clients use our range for using it in both domestic as well as commercial applications. These are available in various packaging sizes to suit the specific requirements of the clients.These refrigerants can be used for High, Medium and Low temperature applications. Refrigerant Brands : Mettron, Suva Dupont, Refex Refrigerants, Value Refrigerants. We offer the following types of Refrigerants:

HCFC-22, R134a, R404a, R407c, R410a, MP49 Plus ( Equivalent to R12) etc.

HFCs And CFCs Refrigerant Gas

HFCs And CFCs Refrigerant Gas
Our clients can avail a wide range of CFCs from us. These are specifically used as refrigerant gas cylinders for refrigeration and cooling systems. The chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) we supply is available in various sized packaging and can be refilled again in the bottle or cylinder.
Earlier DFCS were used in the refrigeration systems, but scientific studies proved that they actively damage the ozone layer. We are engaged in offering hydrofluoro carbons, which are also known as HFCS. These are offered in various sized bottles at highly competitive price to the clients.